Explore Le Menobu Surroundings: A Treasure Trove of Activities and Discoveries

Located in the heart of a region rich in attractions, Le Menobu is the ideal starting point for exploring the wonders of the surrounding area. Just a stone’s throw from our establishment, you’ll find Parc Forestia, a veritable paradise for nature lovers and families in search of adventure.

For history buffs, the Château de Franchimont offers a fascinating plunge into the medieval past. Motorsport fans won’t want to miss the Spa-Francorchamps Circuit, a must-see for the Belgian Grand Prix.

Fancy a wild getaway? The Monde Sauvage d’Aywaille and the Ninglinspo Valley promise unforgettable moments. The Cascades de Coo and Grottes de Remouchamps also offer breathtaking natural spectacles.

For a wellness experience, the Thermes de Spa are the perfect destination. And if you want to discover the local culture, the towns of Theux and Spa are nearby, each with its own unique charm.

Cyclists can take on the challenge of the famous Côte de la Redoute, while runners will find plenty to do on the Extratrail tracks.

Come and enjoy a complete and enriching experience in Le Menobu area!